Chiquita Kids Run, fun in motion!
Chiquita Kids Run, fun in motion!

Chiquita Kids Run, fun in motion!

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02 Mai 2018

Since 2008, Chiquita has been sponsoring Kids Run in Belgium and the Netherlands, to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles in children.

Chiquita Kids Run will continue to live in 2018 via events throughout the year. Dates and locations can be found at

Children aged 12 years and under are invited to participate in the fun run. All mini-athletes will receive a Chiquita SportFit t-shirt at the start of the day before the flood of laughter streams down the 1km course. Adult chaperons will take to the track to accompany the littlest runners and ensure the safety of all children, while friends and family will be cheering from the sideline.

Chiquita Kids Run, fun in motion!

Everyone is a winner! Once reaching the finish line, runners will receive a medal to congratulate their efforts and a tasty Chiquita banana to refuel their energy. With a new boost of energy and to keep the fun lasting, Chiquita Village awaits them at the end. They can enjoy the Chiquita ‘Banana Mountain’ inflatable castle.

On the 24th of April, the Kids Run in Antwerp took place in Belgium. This is community event that encourages children to move and practice values of diversity and inclusion.

It was a unique opportunity to promote togetherness and equality within kids. A total of almost 2,500 smiling children from more than 124 counties joined in on the fun filled event. Including refugees from twenty-one countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Guinea, Congo, Palestine, to name a few. The participants of the Chiquita Kids Run and the Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon are a great representation of the multicultural society of Antwerp.

These events are culturally educative as they give children the opportunity to embrace and experience diversity and uniqueness. The Kids Run encourages kids to show their kindness and inclusion to those around them while enjoying a healthy day out in the sunshine.

What better snack to have than a Chiquita Banana to restore the body? Bananas are a 100% natural, rich source of energy. They are perfect before, during and after physical exercise. Bananas contain fiber, to calm the feeling of hunger, and natural sugars which are processed into slow releasing energy. Chiquita bananas will keep your kid’s batteries recharged for two hours!

Active lifestyles are essential for children to promote healthy growth and development. Regular movement helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and improves balance and coordination. Most importantly, physical activity in a fun and supportive environment will boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Education on movement is key for a kid’s upbringing and healthy life. Share this article with friends to keep spreading the word about active lifestyles for children.

Join in with Chiquita and Kids Run for a great day out that the whole family can enjoy. Take in some vitamin D, have a laugh and get your kids exercising in a playful manner.

Please register at to be part of the fun in motion in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Chiquita Kids Run, fun in motion!